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reverse yourself

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreverse yourselfreverse yourselfAmerican English to change your opinion or position in an argument Suddenly, he reversed himself completely. reverse
Examples from the Corpus
reverse yourselfBut new policies, like huge airplanes hurtling down a runway, do not reverse themselves.In the past the senator has supported these programs, but last year he reversed himself.Now, Virginians seem to have reversed themselves.Special prosecutor Kenneth Starr, reversing himself after days of criticism, Friday said he would continue to lead the Whitewater investigation.He gripped her and swung her over, reversing himself along her body.This quickly reverses itself into cabinet control.He asked the council to reverse itself on the variance, which it did.It would mean reversing himself on three points: price reform, budget discipline and privatisation of land and property.
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