1 verb
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[transitive] to change something, such as a decision, judgment, or process so that it is the opposite of what it was before
reverse a decision/verdict/policy etc
The decision was reversed on appeal.
reverse a trend/process/decline etc
More changes are required to reverse the trend towards centralised power.


[intransitive and transitive]TTC especially British English if a vehicle or its driver reverses, they go backwards [= back up American English]
reverse out of/into etc
Bob reversed into a parking space.
reverse something into/out of something
I reversed the car into a side road.

change position/purpose

[transitive] to change around the usual order of the parts of something, or the usual things two people do
reverse roles/positions
Our roles as child and guardian had now been reversed.

turn something over

[transitive] to turn something over or around, in order to show the back of it:
Reverse the paper in the printer.

reverse yourself

American English to change your opinion or position in an argument:
Suddenly, he reversed himself completely.

reverse the charges

British EnglishTCT to make a telephone call which is paid for by the person you are telephoning [= call collect American English]

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