2 noun
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the reverse

the exact opposite of what has just been mentioned
quite/just/precisely/exactly the opposite
I didn't mean to insult her - quite the reverse (=in fact, I meant to praise her).
I owe you nothing. If anything, the reverse is true (=you owe me).

in reverse

in the opposite way to normal or to the previous situation [↪ vice versa]:
US video recorders cannot play European tapes, and the same applies in reverse.

go into reverse/put something into reverse

to start to happen or to make something happen in the opposite way:
The incident threatened to put the peace process into reverse.


[uncountable]TTC the position of the gears in a vehicle that makes it go backwards
into/in reverse
Put the car into reverse.


[countable] formal a defeat or a problem that delays your plans [= setback]:
Losing the Senate vote was a serious reverse for the President.

other side

[singular] the less important side or the back of an object that has two sides
on the reverse
The British ten-pence coin has a lion on the reverse.

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