Date: 1300-1400
Language: Latin
Origin: revolvere 'to roll back, cause to return', from volvere 'to roll'


re‧volve [intransitive and transitive]
to move around like a wheel, or to make something move around like a wheel [↪ revolution, turn]:
The wheel began to revolve.
The restaurant slowly revolves, giving excellent views of the city.
Using graphics software, you can revolve the image on the screen.

revolve around somebody/something

phrasal verb
1 [not in progressive] to have something as a main subject or purpose:
Jane's life revolves around her children.
The argument revolved around costs.
She seems to think that the world revolves around her (=that she is the only important person).
2 to move in circles around something:
The moon revolves around the Earth.

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