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revolverre‧volv‧er /rɪˈvɒlvə $ rɪˈvɑːlvər/ noun [countable]  PMWa type of small gun. The bullets are in a case which turns around as you fire the gun, so that when you fire one bullet the next bullet is ready to be fired.handgun, pistol
Examples from the Corpus
revolverBut even as I heard it, I knew it was not a revolver.His death came about five hours after a 13-hour standoff ended when Smith shot himself in the temple with a revolver.They argue it is often preferable to the alternatives: batons and revolvers.He drew out the heavy Colt revolver.I hadn't to use the revolver.The revolver nearly fell from my hands, and my whole body froze with fear.The revolver was snug on his hip.In which pocket is your revolver concealed.
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