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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrevolvingre‧volv‧ing /rɪˈvɒlvɪŋ $ -ˈvɑːl-/ adjective  TURNa revolving object is designed so that it turns with a circular movement The theatre has a revolving stage.
Examples from the Corpus
revolvingIn the meantime, just look at those gigantic revolving blue lights!A small revolving brush on the front was sweeping dust into a slot.Two strips of waste wood were slowly fed over the revolving cutter and cramped to the table.A revolving door led into the hotel lobby.The lead dancer appeared on a revolving pedestal.The 28-story building is topped by a revolving restaurant that offers ever-changing views of the city.Only slowly revolving tyres will contact the road for long enough to generate sufficient drive.
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