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RexRex /reks/ noun British English πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 PGONAME OF A PERSONa title used in official writing after the name of a king, when the king’s name has been written in Latin πŸ”Š Henricus Rex (=King Henry)2 lawSCT a word meaning the state, used in the names of law cases in Britain when a king is ruling β†’ regina πŸ”Š Rex v Jones
Examples from the Corpus
Rexβ€’ The first thing you noticed about Rex was his bushy red beard.β€’ We had all gathered to eat a meal cooked by Rex.β€’ Celebrate in desert elegance, the historic Rex Ranch offers a variety of options.β€’ For a moment Rex and I gaped, and then Rex dived into the cabin to fetch his camera.β€’ I was fond of Diana, as I was of Rex.β€’ The Phoenix is for rockers, the Rex for writers.β€’ Trondur soon simmered down, and with Rex he went to refasten the cabins, using the last of the good rope.
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