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rhetorical question

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrhetorical questionrhetorical questionSAY/STATEa question that you ask as a way of making a statement, without expecting an answer rhetorical
Examples from the Corpus
rhetorical questionThat is not a rhetorical question.The two extremes can be expressed in the form of two rhetorical questions.These and other rhetorical questions are asked in a spirit of humility with no stones clutched, hidden in the hand.A rhetorical question, but asked with deep feeling.But rhetorical questions can be over-used, especially where answers to the questions do not follow immediately.Consider these two rhetorical questions, from an essay on Othello: Does this tell us about Shakespeare?His critics even smile in anticipation of a rhetorical question meeting with a devastating reply.The rhetorical question rightly goes unanswered, and the following paragraph consigns the missio unmourned to the shades.
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