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rheumaticrheu‧mat‧ic /ruːˈmætɪk/ adjective  1 MIrelating to rheumatism a rheumatic disease rheumatic pain2 MI old-fashioned suffering from rheumatism He’s old and rheumatic and can’t manage the stairs any longer.
Examples from the Corpus
rheumaticThey consulted a doctor who told them that there was very little that could be done for a rheumatic attack.Half the active substances used for rheumatic conditions also appear in the 100 or so painkilling preparations available.a treatment center for children with rheumatic diseasesThe chorea tends to occur several months after rheumatic fever and lasts four to six weeks at most.She contracted rheumatic fever at the age of ten.They said it was rheumatic fever for two years...If there has been a history of rheumatic fever in the past.Any family history of rheumatic fever?
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