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rhinocerosrhi‧no‧ce‧ros /raɪˈnɒsərəs $ -ˈnɑː-/ noun (plural rhinoceros or rhinoceroses) [countable]  rhinoceros.jpg HBAa large heavy African or Asian animal with thick skin and either one or two horns on its nosehippopotamus
Examples from the Corpus
rhinocerosI hear that a rhinoceros flew along the Mississippi in a pink balloon, this morning.I though it was a rhinoceros coming for me in the dark.Among other species to be seen are elephants, buffalo, rhinoceros, impala, giraffe, zebra, baboons and monkeys.Here, it is not doing duty for a use of rhinoceros but rather for a mention of it.Notable among these are ivory, shells, rhinoceros horn, coral, amber and jet.I always thought that was rhinoceros horn.Einstein would probably have been as hopeless as anybody in working out how to catch a woolly rhinoceros.
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