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rhizomerhi‧zome /ˈraɪzəʊm $ -zoʊm/ noun [countable]  technicalHBP the thick stem of some plants, which lies under the ground and has roots and leaves growing out of it
Examples from the Corpus
rhizomeOthers are produced from thick rootstock called rhizomes.The creeping rhizome produces young plants which can be divided and transplanted.This is also true for plants cultivated in the aquarium, except those species forming rhizomes.Acorus and Anubias species have such rhizomes.A further source of vegetative reproduction lies in the rhizomes of numerous species.The rhizome cutting will produce shoots very quickly, and strong, fine roots will develop.The rhizomes can be divided, and two to four new plants will develop from a single plant.New plants arise vegetatively from dormant buds on the short upright rhizome of the main root.
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