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rhododendronrho‧do‧den‧dron /ˌrəʊdəˈdendrən $ ˌroʊ-/ noun [countable]  HBPa bush with bright flowers which keeps its leaves in winter
Examples from the Corpus
rhododendronShrubs under siege Adult weevils particularly like camellias and rhododendrons, nibbling notches around the edges of leaves.For years it was hidden behind other trees and rhododendron bushes.In the early years I spent every Sunday bashing rhododendrons - it was like being a nineteenth-century explorer.A large grey stone mansion, surrounded by rhododendrons.He grew rhododendron, hydrangea, strawberries, tomatoes, basil.The calcareous clays, such as East Anglian boulder clay, are alkaline and therefore will not suit azaleas or rhododendrons.He had nearly forgotten about the small house next to him, shielded as it was by the rhododendron hedge.
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