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rhythmrhyth‧m /ˈrɪðəm/ ●●○ W3 noun [countable, uncountable]  1 SOUNDa regular repeated pattern of sounds or movementsmetre Drums are basic to African rhythm. complicated dance rhythmsrhythm of She started moving to the rhythm of the music. the steady rhythm of her heartbeat2 REGULARa regular pattern of changes the body’s natural rhythmsrhythm of Jim liked the rhythm of agricultural life.
Examples from the Corpus
rhythmHe grabbed dance by the arm and led it into the world of city rhythms, wise guys and lovers.The band's music is known for its fiery Latin rhythms.An awkward gap opened up in the otherwise little bit of rhythm just starting to flow between them.Without a sense of rhythm our sense of time is devoid of landmarks.He should be encouraged to stretch down on to the bit without losing balance or rhythm.The air conditioner beat a steady rhythm.You need to feel the rhythm of the music in order to dance properly.For the second show their Captain stood by the pianist and rapped out the rhythm.Marriner will ensure that the words are clearly heard, the instrumental parts all count and that the rhythms are springy.I was finally fitting in with the rhythm of their household.the rhythm of the musicI hear Stravinsky, Walton, Hindemith and a couple of other guys who really understood rhythm.
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