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ldoce_285_cribbonrib‧bon /ˈrɪbən/ ●●○ noun  1 piece of cloth [countable, uncountable]DECORATE a narrow piece of attractive cloth that you use, for example, to tie your hair or hold things togetherbow little girls with ribbons in their hair a bundle of letters tied with pale blue ribbon The ribbon was cut and the new station was officially open.2 military honour [countable]PM a piece of ribbon with a special pattern on it that you wear to show that you have received a military honour3 prize [countable] American EnglishWIN a length of coloured ribbon, sometimes arranged in the form of a flat flower, that is given as a prize in a competition syn rosette British English For the second time she won the blue ribbon (=first prize).4 something narrow [singular] writtenC something that is long and narrowribbon of a winding ribbon of water5 be cut/torn to ribbons6 inkTC [countable] a long narrow piece of cloth or plastic with ink on it that is used in a typewriter
Examples from the Corpus
ribbonBelow: Satin or embroidered ribbons, brocades, bows and tassels can all give added dimension and interest to pictures.Get enough ribbon to wrap the jam box and tie a bow.Fire Island is a 30-mile-long ribbon of beachland.Christmas ornaments hung from red ribbons on the tree.Bows can be tied in satin ribbon or in matching or contrasting fabric.Before her the long straight reach of the canal lay like a silver ribbon.She had light brown hair tied, like Patsy's, with ribbon.blue ribbonThe Longitude Act established a blue ribbon panel of judges that became known as the Board of Longitude.Then he went on gazing at Thérèse, voluptuous in flowered chintz and blue ribbons.There are blue devils and blue ribbons and blue bloods.A cot swathed in draperies and blue ribbon stood isolated in a corner.A large jug and basin, charmingly ornamented with a design of blue ribbon, was its centre-piece.There were two large bouquets and a bundle of letters tied with pale blue ribbon, presumably from stage-door admirers.Holly's tomatoes won the blue ribbon.Christine had friends in the Working Groups, and Tim wore the blue ribbon.Then there was Raymond Lereaux who showed horses and won blue ribbons that he brought to school for Show and Tell.
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