Date: 1500-1600
Origin: riband 'ribbon' (14-21 centuries), from Old French riban, ruban


Related topics: Military

piece of cloth

[uncountable and countable] a narrow piece of attractive cloth that you use, for example, to tie your hair or hold things together [↪ bow]:
little girls with ribbons in their hair
a bundle of letters tied with pale blue ribbon
The ribbon was cut and the new station was officially open.

military honour

[countable]PM a piece of ribbon with a special pattern on it that you wear to show that you have received a military honour


[countable] American English a length of coloured ribbon, sometimes arranged in the form of a flat flower, that is given as a prize in a competition [= rosette British English]
For the second time she won the blue ribbon (=first prize).

something narrow

[singular] writtenC something that is long and narrow
ribbon of
a winding ribbon of water

be cut/torn to ribbons

to be cut or torn in a lot of places:
Her legs were bruised and her feet were cut to ribbons.


TC [countable] a long narrow piece of cloth or plastic with ink on it that is used in a typewriter

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