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rice pudding

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rice puddingˌrice ˈpudding noun [uncountable]  DFFa sweet dish made of rice, milk, and sugar cooked together
Examples from the Corpus
rice puddingAnd a rice pudding to follow.Products cover all basic lines including tea and coffee, biscuits, rice pudding and custard.Voice over Today they had spam or sausage casserole and mash followed by rice pudding and jam.A simple one-hour massage with oil costs about a tenner but I couldn't resist the wonderfully-named rice pudding massage.At the end, any dribbles of rice pudding are wiped away with towels.Those who were fortunate enough to be in the sick wards were given sago, or rice pudding instead.We nearly always had milk pudding, rice pudding, semolina or some other stodge.Mrs Abigail took a soup-plate from a cupboard and emptied the rice pudding on to it.
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