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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishricketyrick‧et‧y /ˈrɪkəti/ adjective  CONDITION/STATE OF somethinga rickety structure or piece of furniture is in very bad condition, and likely to break easily a rickety old wooden chair a rickety bridgesee thesaurus at weak
Examples from the Corpus
ricketyThe staircase was old and rickety.It was a rather rickety affair that creaked embarrassingly when I sat down in it and ever after when I moved.a rickety bamboo fenceIn the early 1970s, Ford introduced a rickety compact called the Maverick.On icy winter mornings, they bathe in foot tubs before the open flame of a rickety gas heater.And despite the rickety infrastructure, computer networks are growing fast.They sat around the card table on rickety old chairs.A blur of rickety shops does heavy business seven days a week.It evokes a precarious world which is so rickety that it may, at any time, collapse.They rode in the rickety wagon across the prairie until they reached a railroad track.Suddenly, borne across the bridge on the muddy tide, came a rickety wooden construction like a toolshed.We climbed up two flights of rickety wooden stairs.
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