1 adjective
rid1 S1

get rid of somebody/something

a) to throw away or destroy something you do not want any more:
It's time we got rid of all these old toys.
Governments should be encouraged to get rid of all nuclear weapons.
b) to take action so that you no longer have something unpleasant that you do not want:
I can't get rid of this cough.
He opened the windows to get rid of the smell.
c) to make someone leave because you do not like them or because they are causing problems:
Are you trying to get rid of me?
It can be difficult for schools to get rid of poor teachers.

be rid of somebody/something

to have taken action so that something or someone is no longer there to worry or annoy you:
The clerical part of his job was tedious, and he was glad to be rid of it.
He was a bully, and we're well rid of him (=it is good that he has gone).

want rid of somebody/something

to want to get rid of someone or something that is annoying you:
I could tell that he wanted rid of me.

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