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ride on somebody’s shoulders/back

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishride on somebody’s shoulders/backride on somebody’s shoulders/backCARRYif a child rides on someone’s shoulders or back, they are carried in that way ride
Examples from the Corpus
ride on somebody’s shoulders/backPower can not ride on an upright back.Oblivious to the emotion riding on their backs, Aureole and Pinza came to Epsom with excellent credentials.Or you can ride on my back, if you prefer.Just by riding on your shoulders, Newt.Dostoevsky wanted to stifle the thought that he was riding on the back of Nechacv's perverse glamour.People on welfare are not taking a ride on the backs of other people.Better than that was riding on his back while he went down on hands and knees and neighed like a horse.
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