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ride roughshod over somebody/something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishride roughshod over somebody/somethingride roughshod over somebody/somethingespecially British English, run roughshod over somebody/something American EnglishIGNORE to behave in a way that ignores other people’s feelings or opinions We cannot ride roughshod over the concerns of the local community. roughshod
Examples from the Corpus
ride roughshod over somebody/somethingIn particular it has attempted to take on board community aspirations and local authority plans rather than ride roughshod over local wishes.Recent weeks have seen it ride roughshod over ostrich breeders, society con artists, champagne fraudsters and the occasional fallen tycoon.Critics claim that certain powerful interests are able to ride roughshod over plans and competitors.Instead they set out to ride roughshod over the legislative branch, attempting to govern without congress rather than with it.He was readily obeyed, even when he outraged the sensibilities of the privileged and rode roughshod over their traditional rights.I told them they should be riding roughshod over whoever compiled tha bus and send them to Stavropol Territory right now.
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