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(right/as if) on cue

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English(right/as if) on cue(right/as if) on cueON/ON TOP OFhappening or done at exactly the right moment And then, on cue, the weather changed. As if on cue, Sam arrived. cue
Examples from the Corpus
(right/as if) on cueThe boys slashed, jumped, and shouted with enthusiasm and on cue.And, on cue, he heard the sound of hoofbeats ` on the wind.Dead on cue the runner hurries over to Eli to answer his question.And, as if on cue, I did.The sky, as if on cue, was overcast.She passed a couple of groundskeepers, who turned as if on cue for a second look.She should have become angry with him for his persistence, on cue, but for some reason she didn't.Right on cue, a butterfly flew up to the plants we were looking at and landed!
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