3 adverb
right3 S1 W1


exactly in a particular position or place
right in/in front of/by etc something
She was standing right in the middle of the room.
There's the house, right in front of you.
right here/there
I left my bags right here.


immediately and without any delay [= straight]:
It's on right after the six o'clock news.
I'll phone him right away (=immediately).
I could tell right off that something was wrong.
right off the bat American English (=immediately, without having to think carefully)
Kay answered right off the bat.


We guessed right; they'd gone.
'I thought you'd be cross.' 'You thought right!'


informal in a way that is good or satisfactory:
Everything's going right for him at the moment.
It'll work out right in the end.


towards the direction or side that is on the right [≠ left]:
Turn right at the crossroads.

right now

now, or immediately:
Do you need me right now?
We need to deal with this problem right now.

right along/through/around etc

all the way along, through etc:
Go right to the end of the road.
We don't have to go right into town.
I slept soundly right through the night.

be right behind somebody

spoken to completely support someone in their ideas or in what they are trying to achieve:
We're all right behind you.

I'll be right with you/right there/right back

spoken used to ask someone to wait because you are coming or returning very soon:
'Lunch is ready!' 'I'll be right there.'
Don't go away; I'll be right back.

be right up there (with somebody/something)

informal to be as good or as important as the very best:
He's definitely right up there with all the world-class footballers.

right, left, and centre

British English right and left American English everywhere or in every way:
The company's losing money right, left and centre.

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