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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrighteousright‧eous /ˈraɪtʃəs/ adjective  1 righteous indignation/anger etc2 formalGOOD/MORAL morally good and fair a righteous Godrighteously adverbrighteousness noun [uncountable] self-righteous
Examples from the Corpus
righteousHis anger at her rejection was the vicious, righteous anger of one who felt betrayed.a righteous dudeI have seen eating obsessions up close before, but never one with such a strong sense of righteous healthiness.The Comintern expressed righteous indignation at such an attack, although eighteen months later it tacitly accepted all these points.There was much stamping of ministerial feet, but, sadly, this show of righteous indignation led to very little action.Desperately he tried to relight the fires of righteous indignation.Burgess' illegal use of alcohol ran afoul of the code, a point the righteous Karnaugh was quite eager to make.Who among us is so righteous that a sane society would entrust her with the power to obliterate a city?No matter how good and righteous you think your cause is, you cannot break the law.
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