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righteous indignation/anger etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrighteous indignation/anger etcrighteous indignation/anger etcEMOTIONALstrong feelings of anger when you think a situation is not morally right or fair He was full of righteous indignation about the attack. righteous
Examples from the Corpus
righteous indignation/anger etcDesperately he tried to relight the fires of righteous indignation.I loved the little note of righteous indignation.Suddenly it was not the sunlight that made Polly glow but righteous indignation.He asked with no malice, with no thoughts of righteous indignation and she sensed this and answered his questions.The Comintern expressed righteous indignation at such an attack, although eighteen months later it tacitly accepted all these points.Her righteous anger moved him, filled him with a weird sense of shame that jarred him.His anger at her rejection was the vicious, righteous anger of one who felt betrayed.The great goddess Nemesis, which means righteous anger, undertook to bring this about.
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