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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrightfulright‧ful /ˈraɪtfəl/ adjective [only before noun]  formalCORRECT according to what is correct or what should be done legally or morally George sat at the head of the table, in his rightful place as their leader. I’ll return the money to its rightful owner. the rightful heir to the thronerightfully adverb I’m only claiming what is rightfully mine.
Examples from the Corpus
rightfulIn the other he remained in full control of events and in full possession of his rightful authority.The United States has a rightful claim to global leadership, and other nations hesitate until we act.Under the Conservatives, Britain has regained her rightful influence in the world.And who is the paintings' rightful owner?They determine the conditions of legitimacy of the authority and the limits of its rightful power.Vice President Rosalia Arteaga also has declared herself the rightful president.The president should indeed go first; it is his responsibility and rightful role.Conservatives had come to believe that they were the rightful rulers of the country.rightful heirWasn't he the rightful heir?Why, for instance, does Dahlia continue to control the purse strings after Ella is revealed as the rightful heir?The princes had obviously refused to select their prince as Phoenix King although he was obviously the rightful heir to Aenarion.
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