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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrightlyright‧ly /ˈraɪtli/ ●●○ adverb  1 RIGHT/JUSTIFIEDcorrectly, or for a good reason opp wrongly I was, as you rightly said, the smallest boy in the class. As you so rightly pointed out, things are getting worse. They have been treated badly, and they are rightly upset.quite rightly British English There’s a lot of talk, quite rightly, about the dangers of smoking. This photo was taken in Paris, if I remember rightly.2 rightly or wrongly3 and rightly so4 I can’t rightly say/don’t rightly know
Examples from the Corpus
rightlyWhen such replication and variation is found we may rightly ask, what were the factors controlling the results?Investors have quite rightly avoided this stock.The U.S. is rightly cautious about becoming involved.Voters are rightly concerned about paying higher taxes.Buller's actions have been rightly criticized as ineffective.Taxpayers rightly expect the government to be careful about spending.Users rightly expect the same standard of packaging as is found with other resources such as books and audiovisual material.Doctorow's "Billy Bathgate" novel has been rightly hailed as an American classic.Students will rightly object that a model in which income is received in bonds is hardly realistic.They are drastic pieces of legislation which should rightly occupy a large part of the time of the House.Rightly or wrongly, many employees feel pushed to work longer hours.As he rightly pointed out, there is no real evidence that the president acted improperly.Yes, when it comes to social events, the Athletico Supporters' Club can feel rightly proud.Many organizations see this as a blind leap of faith, and rightly so.Residents are outraged, and rightly so.The United States has rightly stated that those flights are justified and will continue.if I remember rightlyAnd nice houses, if I remember rightly.We thought you'd like this one, taken in Sliema, beside a pub, if I remember rightly.As a matter o' fact we sat on this very seat, an' if I remember rightly, I stole a kiss.