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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrightwardsright‧wards /ˈraɪtwədz $ -wərdz/ especially British English, rightward American English adverb  SIDEon or towards the right opp leftwards The plane’s course was veering rightwards.
Examples from the Corpus
rightwardsStoking up fear of crime is these rightwing commentators' black art, a fear deliberately inflamed to tip the people rightwards.Boot wide and solid, the crack led upwards to a commodious stance with a ledge running rightwards across an awesome drop.However, the further rightwards along the cline a metaphor is located, the greater is the potential for multiple interpretations.The slab is traversed rightwards and is quite straight forward if you stay low.The Main Face includes all the cliff stretching rightwards from here, with easy descent being made down Simon Gully.Thus, she has been able to move steadily rightwards while maintaining old links.
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