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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrigidri‧gid /ˈrɪdʒɪd/ ●●○ AWL adjective  1 STRICTrigid methods, systems etc are very strict and difficult to change opp flexible rigid and authoritarian methods of education2 CHANGE/BECOME DIFFERENT#someone who behaves in a rigid way is very unwilling to change their ideas or behaviour opp flexible rigid adherence to old-fashioned ideas She maintained rigid control over her emotional and sexual life.3 HARDstiff and not moving or bending opp flexible rigid plasticsee thesaurus at hard4 used to describe someone who cannot move, especially because they are very frightened, shocked, or angryrigid with I heard a noise and woke up rigid with terror.rigidly adverb rigidly opposed to all new ideasrigidity /rɪˈdʒɪdəti/ noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
rigidYet it would be dangerous to regard such divisions as being in any way rigid.rigid academic standardsWithout this adjustability, the neural circuitry would be as rigid as that in our consumer electronics.People naturally get very frustrated with rigid bureaucracies.A rigid cabinet is essential for eliminating unwanted resonances, and the unusual glass-reinforced-plastic enclosure is perfect.The rigid class distinctions which characterised British society are beginning to break down.Any major changes were prevented by the rigid conservatism of the Church.The government had centralized political power and imposed rigid controls on economic activity.He built the team through hard training and rigid discipline.But at the level of field studies there was a much less rigid distinction between professional and amateur.The tent is made of strong canvas attached to a rigid frame.They can not all be fitted into the same rigid framework.Our manager was so rigid, he'd never listen to our ideas.Andrew was even more rigid in his attitudes towards child-rearing than his father, who was himself quite strict.Spoon the ice-cream into a rigid plastic container and freeze.About a dozen large rigid plates make up the Earth's crust.It is not possible to lay down rigid rules on sentencing - judges must be free to use their discretion.The President will not be able to meet enough people if he is kept to an unnaturally rigid schedule.The French maintain a rigid separation of personal and professional life.A honeycomb provides the most rigid structure with lightest weight.The framework of the aircraft must be rigid yet light.The key to success is flexibility. If you're too rigid, you could be in trouble.
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