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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishringletring‧let /ˈrɪŋlɪt/ noun [countable usually plural]  DCa long curl of hair that hangs down
Examples from the Corpus
ringletBeatrice is a typical Botticelli beauty, all ringlets, long fingers, too much drapery.He had shoulder-length, gleaming black ringlets of hair, a pointy beard, and wore a tailcoat.His hair, in long, effeminate ringlets, was barley-fair, like Oliver's.Her dark hair fell loose in ringlets, in the fashion of the time.Her hair would have been worn in ringlets, or perhaps plaited and held in place with decorative pins.Afterwards she combed out long gray curls which turned into ringlets in the sun.Miranda Panda stands to my right, wearing a store-bought dress, her hair arranged in perfect ringlets.A swarthy fellow with ringlets was taking a slash at her with a heavy cutlass.
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