Date: 1100-1200
Language: Old French
Origin: 'quarrel'


1 noun
Related topics: Crime and Law
ri‧ot1 S3
1 [countable]SC a situation in which a large crowd of people are behaving in a violent and uncontrolled way, especially when they are protesting about something:
urban riots
prison riots
His murder triggered vicious race riots (=caused by a problem between different races).
police wearing riot gear (=the special clothing and equipment worn by police officers during a riot)
police in bullet-proof vests and carrying riot shields (=a piece of very hard plastic which police officers stand behind to protect them)

run riot

a) if your imagination, emotions, thoughts etc run riot, you cannot or do not control them:
Manufacturers have let their imaginations run riot to create new computer games.
b) if people run riot, they behave in a violent, noisy, and uncontrolled way:
Some people let their children run riot.
c) if a plant runs riot, it grows very quickly

a riot of colour

C something with many different bright colours:
The garden is a riot of colour in spring.

read (somebody) the riot act

to give someone a strong warning that they must stop causing trouble - used humorously:
If the kids don't settle down soon, I'll go up and read them the riot act.

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