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rip something/somebody to shreds

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrip something/somebody to shredsrip something/somebody to shredsa) TEARto destroy something or damage it badly by tearing it in many places Jill’s kitten is ripping her sofa to shreds. b) CRITICIZE informal to strongly criticize someone, or criticize their opinions, remarks, behaviour etc I expected to have my argument ripped to shreds. rip
Examples from the Corpus
rip something/somebody to shredsUnexpected hailstorms have ripped crops to shreds.And the politicians, thank goodness, have only so much money with which to rip each other to shreds.Its springtime for President Bill Clinton as he watches his Republican challengers rip each other to shreds.Other than the chance to rip it to shreds.Carson ripped him to shreds in his monologue.
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