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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishriposteri‧poste /rɪˈpɒst, rɪˈpəʊst $ rɪˈpoʊst/ noun [countable]  formalANSWER/REPLY a quick, clever reply to something that someone has said a suitably witty riposte
Examples from the Corpus
riposteThe story was a riposte to a similar stunt pulled on Tony Benn by the Sun.A riposte to that argument was provided by Sea Containers, the shipping group headed by James Sherwood.The photographer was lost for riposte, obvious though it should have been; instead he turned to run.The immediate riposte to Schwab's list is that this is a case of motherhood and apple pie.Clearly, if it is perceived as of comparatively minor concern, few countries would risk making a military riposte.Only asking was a standard riposte from most Walworth kids.This book provides an unanswerable riposte to such nostalgic nonsense.Capote took such pleasure in his witty ripostes.
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