2 noun
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ripple2 [countable]
1 a small low wave on the surface of a liquid:
ripples on the surface of the pond
She dived into the pool, making scarcely a ripple.
2C a sound that gets gradually louder and softer:
A ripple of laughter ran through the audience.
a ripple of applause
3 a feeling that spreads through a person or a group because of something that has happened:
A ripple of excitement went through the crowd as came on stage.
4 a shape or pattern that looks like a wave:
ripples on the sand

raspberry ripple/chocolate ripple etc

DF a type of ice cream that has different coloured bands of fruit, chocolate etc in it

ripple effect

a situation in which one action causes another, which then causes a third etc [= domino effect]:
The increase had a ripple effect through the whole financial market.

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