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rise to the occasion/challenge

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrise to the occasion/challengerise to the occasion/challengeDEAL WITHto deal successfully with a difficult situation or problem, especially by working harder or performing better than usual a young athlete who can certainly rise to the occasion The team rose to the challenge. rise
Examples from the Corpus
rise to the occasion/challengeThe academic community was slower in rising to the challenge.Which means that even the most delicate of dishes will rise to the occasion.Who will rise to the challenge?And Charles noted with relief how Alex was rising to the challenge.Sunderland again rose to the occasion against better opposition and just about deserved to get the points to ease their relegation worries considerably.We are calling on all our employees to rise to the occasion and become more efficient and productive.Barragan rose to the occasion and defeated his opponent.The team rose to the challenge and fought back to produce another goal.Of course, many princes rose to the challenge, but each lost his life in the quest.Naylor was one of those men who rise to the challenge of danger.Rather than offer pure fantasy, the fashion gurus rose to the challenge of suggesting truly flattering, appropriate and stylish options.Bench strength could be suspect, but it has risen to the occasion the past two playoff runs.
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