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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrisibleris‧i‧ble /ˈrɪzəbəl/ adjective formal  STUPID/NOT SENSIBLEsomething that is risible is so stupid that it deserves to be laughed at syn ridiculous a risible suggestionrisibility /ˌrɪzəˈbɪləti/ noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
risibleDespite the three-hour length, the descent of Kathy Bates's character into madness is so abrupt as to be risible.In terms of day-to-day influence over policy or even in terms of control over the executive, its powers are risible.The hon. Gentleman's grasp of detail is usually so light that the idea of actually debating with him at all is risible.The idea that any music scene could exist here seems risible.The level and quality of public debate generated by rightwing newspapers have been risible and misleading.Nor was it the traditional and risible gaps between the spiritual duties of the clergy and their worldly preoccupations.
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