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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrisingris‧ing1 /ˈraɪzɪŋ/ ●○○ adjective  1 [only before noun]FAMOUS becoming more important or famous Francesca was a rising star in the cinema.2 the rising generation
Examples from the Corpus
risingThe insurance industry is also very concerned about rising car crime.the rising cost of livingMany families are struggling to keep up with the rising costs of education.Rising fuel costs have forced many airlines to put up the price of air tickets.Despite rapidly rising incomes, few in the country are able to afford cable TV.The first decision is where to site the new rising main.Improving life expectancy gave them every hope of doing so, especially if they belonged to the rising middle-class.Not until rising nationalism and socialism ousted capitalism from the Third World would capitalism be destroyed.the rising rate of smoking among teenagersA rising real national income with a fairly constant capital stock will generally be associated with a fall in unemployment.Riven felt incredibly mortal, but at the same time there was a rising restlessness in him.The response of government to rising unemployment must have two elements.We are entering a period of slow economic growth and rising unemployment.a rising young actorrising starAs Chief Secretary to the Treasury, he is the youngest member of the Cabinet and its fastest rising star.His name was Mahmoud el Zaki and he was one of the Parquet's rising stars.Some, such as the CellNet, look like rising stars.Then, Stich was a rising star, a young man of boundless potential.He has been in politics, but there he was not a rising star, either.At 39, Brian Sabean is clearly the rising star in the organization.If it is because of your stellar performance, perhaps the favoritism indicates that you are a rising star in the organization.She would have what every rising star needs: a cause.She's one of the rising stars of politics and an excellent public speaker.
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risingrising2 noun [countable] British English  PGREBELLION/REVOLUTIONa sudden attempt by a large group of people to violently remove a government or ruler syn uprising, rebellion
Examples from the Corpus
risingFirst, Athens lost Boiotia in a rising which ended in an Athenian defeat at Coronea.In December there followed the most extensive anarchist rising of the entire Republican period.Shares were given a fizz rising 8p to £2 before slipping to close at 198p.Peasant violence was generally localized and poorly organized, but there were serious risings in almost every decade of the seventeenth century.At the rising of the sun, Xerxes poured a drink-offering.
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