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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrisk-takingˈrisk-ˌtaking noun [uncountable]  RISKwhen people do things that involve risks in order to achieve somethingrisk-taker noun [countable]
Examples from the Corpus
risk-takingRisk-taking has long been a feature of the theatre company's productions, which have tackled many difficult issues.Suits do not exactly connote creativity and risk-taking.If you are methodical and conscientious, he should be exciting and risk-taking.Whose words deserve expensive risk-taking with black inks, gold leaf and vellum?Greed and the expectation of proper rewards are the only real justification for risk-taking.One man's new tricks to manage cash flows and control risk are another's source of financial enslavement and greater risk-taking.Once again, our innovative thinking and intelligent risk-taking have been well justified and proved successful.They know that risk-taking is inherent in trying new ways and new ideas, but that this is what makes progress possible.The culture in Silicon Valley values risk-taking and entrepreneurship.
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