2 verb
risk2 [transitive]
1 to put something in a situation in which it could be lost, destroyed, or harmed [↪ gamble]:
When children start smoking, they don't realize that they're risking their health.
risk something to do something
He's prepared to risk everything to avoid this war.
risk something on something
You'd be crazy to risk your money on an investment like that!
He risked his life helping others to escape.
I'm not going to risk my neck (=risk my life) just to save a common criminal.
Why risk life and limb (=risk your life and health) jumping out of a plane just to raise money for charity?
2 to get into a situation where something unpleasant may happen to you [↪ endanger]
risk doing something
They may even risk losing their homes.
risk defeat/death etc
He would prefer not to risk another embarrassing defeat.
Some people are prepared to risk imprisonment for what they believe.
risk being seen/caught/arrested etc
Workers who broke the strike risked being attacked when they left the factory.
3 to do something that you know may have dangerous or unpleasant results
risk doing something
Are you prepared to risk traveling without an armed guard?
She risked a glance back over her shoulder.
You could slip out of school between classes, but I wouldn't risk it.

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