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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishriskyrisk‧y /ˈrɪski/ ●●○ adjective  RISKDANGEROUSinvolving a risk that something bad will happen syn dangerous Doctors say it’s too risky to try and operate. Buying a secondhand car is a risky business.see thesaurus at dangerousriskiness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
riskyTravel in the region is still considered risky.Though doing so shortly after the Gulf war and in a recession might have seemed risky, Airtours had its reasons.the risky business of putting a space vehicle into orbitAny project involving rockets is always risky, but the technology is maturing all the time.He'll have to land the aircraft in a field. It's risky, but there's no alternative.Risky investments can offer high yields, but also the possibility of greater losses.There is substantially more information both general and related to risks at the risky junctions than at the less risky ones.It's always risky leaving your car out on the street overnight.Try the risky, potentially spectacular shot, or cut his losses and play safe?However, most of the women in our sample would most likely find that a very risky prospect to attempt at present.Personal insurance is expensive if you plan to take part in a risky sport such as parachuting.Goldman typically has shied away from risky startups, preferring to stick with more stalwart institutions such as Chevron Corp.Being self-employed is much more risky than being a wage earner.The State Department advised its employees that fighting near the borders made it too risky to leave the country.The experiments would be too risky to perform on humans.Projecting numbers like gross domestic product and per-capita income back into the past is a highly risky undertaking.risky businessBanks don't want to finance us because this is a risky business.And sometimes that's a risky business.But, considering the amount of money you may lay out, buying Koi can also be a risky business.Jewellers always did, it was a risky business.Making bread in northern California, especially in Sonoma County, is risky business.Still, buying shares on the way down is a risky business.The most obvious one would be the will, but murder by advantaged legatees is a risky business.The village, he says, will produce an organic method for developing less risky business models and strategies.After today's memorial service for Earnhardt here, drivers will focus on the risky business that defines their profession.
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