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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrisquéris‧qué /ˈrɪskeɪ $ rɪˈskeɪ/ adjective  RUDE/OBSCENEa joke, remark etc that is risqué is slightly shocking, because it is about sex
Examples from the Corpus
risquérisqué humorThose jokes are a bit risqué -- don't tell them in front of your grandparents.Actress Beverley D'Angelo is taking time out from her screen career to perform a risqué country set across the Bible belt.And songs, even faintly risqué ones about blondes, had been part of the learning process.Her erstwhile Bohemian boyfriend advised firmly against such a risqué job.In her presence, no one ever indulged in either frivolous remarks or risqué conversation.The girls would giggle and tell risqué stories.Very sensible of Hilda: nothing is more ridiculous than an old-age pensioner gabbling on about his or her risqué past.
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