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rite of passage

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrite of passagerite of passageSSYTRADITIONa special ceremony or action that is a sign of a new stage in someone’s life, especially when a boy starts to become a mancoming of age rite
Examples from the Corpus
rite of passageFor many fans, metal, with its pile-driving sound and locker-room lyrics, is more than a rite of passage.A rite of passage, as it were.Boyhood pledges and rites of passage, boy pages learning skills of survival from men of iron.After the umpteenth rubber-stamp this infuriating rite of passage, as it were, terminates: exit.Marriage, though not the social imperative it once was, still stands for a major rite of passage into adult life.This idyllic feeling of romance seemed too much like a temporary state, a schoolboy rite of passage.Finishing the race is the rite of passage of the distance runner.One lucky trainee was spared the rite of passage.
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