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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrivalryri‧val‧ry /ˈraɪvəlri/ ●○○ noun (plural rivalries) [countable, uncountable]  COMPETE WITH/TRY TO BEATa situation in which two or more people, teams, or companies are competing for something, especially over a long period of time, and the feeling of competition between themcompetitionrivalry between There has always been intense rivalry between New Zealand and Australia. The two players have developed a friendly rivalry. She had never overcome her feelings of sibling rivalry (=rivalry between brothers and sisters).
Examples from the Corpus
rivalryDrama is a meeting and a rivalry of human antitheses.Traditional friendships and rivalries played at least as important a part in this process as purely financial considerations.Moreover, departmental rivalries are endemic in the style of central government whereby competitive bids are made for limited financial resources.ethnic rivalriesMost of the killings result from gang rivalry.Self-respect stimulated by a little gentle rivalry demanded that all should be the very best available.There was an intense rivalry between the Brazilian and Italian teams.The amount of rivalry, it seems, is not related to the amount of affection children feel for each other.All sorts of rivalries and intrigues are played out.Just because sibling rivalry is normal doesn't mean you should ignore it.Holmes says that the rivalry between the two companies has been exaggerated.sibling rivalryIn real life, positive and negative oedipal relations, and guilt about these relations often remain hidden behind sibling rivalry.Others continue the hostility into adulthood and never make peace with their brothers and sisters - a phenomenon called sibling rivalry.Fearing that in comparison to them he can not win his parents' love and esteem is what inflames sibling rivalry.They felt no sibling rivalry where Joe was concerned.A bad case of sibling rivalry, it seems.This was not the only instance of sibling rivalry in the house of Pelops.This rejection fear compounds the anxiety that others are preferred and also maybe preferable-the root of sibling rivalry.
From Longman Business Dictionaryrivalryri‧val‧ry /ˈraɪvəlri/ noun (plural rivalries) [countable, uncountable]COMMERCE competition between people, companies, organizations etc who are in the same business or selling similar goods or services in the same marketrivalry betweenThere is considerable rivalry between banks and accountancy firms when it comes to giving corporate financial advice.
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