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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrivenriv‧en /ˈrɪvən/ adjective formal  1 SEPARATEif a group of people are riven, they are divided by disagreements, especially in a violent wayriven by/with a community riven by religious differences2 if an object is riven, it is divided into two or more parts
Examples from the Corpus
rivenSomalia's south remains riven by tribal feuds.There were many paths leading west but they must take the one which was marked by a riven oak.riven by/withHe might best, I suspect, be classified as riven by a set of social contradictions.The group was expected to have completed its recommendations by last spring, but it has been riven by controversy.It is riven by deep ruts and jagged slabs of asphalt.At stake the image of a party which prides itself on being loyal, but which has been riven by dissent.Between the cities the blue-green jungle was riven with great scars where plasma cannon and barrage bombs had been tested.Maybe he was riven with guilt?The Senate has been riven by partisan disputes over hearings into campaign funding irregularities at the Democratic National Committee.His party is riven by personal and ideological differences and is under fire because of allegations of corruption.
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