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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrivetingriv‧et‧ing /ˈrɪvətɪŋ/ adjective  INTERESTINGsomething that is riveting is so interesting or exciting that you cannot stop watching it or listening to it syn fascinating a riveting performance His story makes riveting listening.see thesaurus at interesting
Examples from the Corpus
rivetingOnly once before has this riveting axis started a game and the first-half goal rush was an event waiting to happen.Perhaps you'd rather stay here and read your riveting book.This is a riveting but by no means an easy book to read.Even during recent years of poor health, his outstanding qualities were riveting charm and mental vitality.In the first place they were presented with a riveting demonstration of what a genuinely free press is capable of.Though it's hardly the most riveting of his works.Kevin Bacon gives a riveting performance as O'Keefe.Even the most gifted editor would have problems turning much of the obligatory information into riveting reading.Jenny's story would probably turn out to be more riveting than anything in a woman's picture paper.
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