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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishRivieraRi‧vi‧e‧ra /ˌrɪviˈeərə $ -ˈerə/ noun   the French/Italian/English Riviera
Examples from the Corpus
RivieraFrom the front door of the rambling palazzo which housed the pensione she turned left and walked along the Riviera.Or was it fashion, not nationality, that demanded this need to empty the Riviera during the summer months?It was the sizzling unofficial capital of the Riviera, and she loved it because it was so alive.He'd be on the Riviera by now, bearing all those heavy Sabatini responsibilities.A holiday condominium on the Riviera.Wasn't the weather good on the Riviera?Spring comes early to the Riviera and it made Modigliani, always sensitive to change, more restless than ever.Inspector Rose had returned to the Riviera, though hardly in such comfort as the Princess.
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