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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrivuletriv‧u‧let /ˈrɪvjəlɪt/ noun [countable] written  LIQUIDa very small stream of water or liquidrivulet of rivulets of rain running down the window
Examples from the Corpus
rivuletSprings had erupted in every hollow, and every path was a rivulet.Fearon reappeared holding a towel, his black hair glistening wet and rivulets running down his swarthy skin.I stared at the brown rivulets snaking down the wall where my window should have been.I was literally soaked to the skin and could feel rivulets chasing each other down my bosom.Above him rivulets of mud slid through the boards of the roof.As the snow began to melt and to run in rivulets, I held tighter to Charlie.The snow began to melt and run in small rivulets.Jean sat back in her seat and watched the rivulets of rain run down the windscreen.Remember the driveway, with the rivulets redesigning it each time it rained?
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