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road rage

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road rageˈroad rage noun [uncountable] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š ANGRYTTCviolence and angry behaviour by car drivers towards other car drivers πŸ”Š Road rage seems to be on the increase. πŸ”Š a road rage attack
Examples from the Corpus
road rageβ€’ In February, he was dismissed from a truck driver's job for road rage.β€’ If they are correct, his demise has to be the ultimate consequence of road rage.β€’ Consider the vogue of road rage.β€’ I hate to admit it, hut it's probably road rage.β€’ A driving game which not only reduces road rage, it plays like a dream.β€’ You can respond to injustice with a tantrum and to road rage with a two-finger salute.
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