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roadhouseroad‧house /ˈrəʊdhaʊs $ ˈroʊd-/ noun [countable]  American EnglishDFDL a restaurant or bar on a main road outside a city
Examples from the Corpus
roadhouseOn the way we pulled up shah at a roadhouse on Highway 99.He suggested they went out to dinner on the Saturday at a reputedly excellent roadhouse.In the years after, Charlie opened his roadhouse and also be-came the biggest beer distributor in Greene and Ulster counties.The two actually meet when the up-and-coming star comes to Houston for a gig at a slightly sleazy roadhouse.Aborigines frequent the roadhouse and are gawked at by foreign travelers as if they were walking souvenirs.The cowboy music twanged in the roadhouse and carried across the fields, all sadness.In back of the roadhouse were trailers and tents and a few rickety motel-style rooms.Basically my father who I believe you knew in the Sixties ... he organised lots of the roadhouse shows?
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