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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishroadsideroad‧side /ˈrəʊdsaɪd $ ˈroʊd-/ noun   the roadsideroadside adjective a roadside snack bar
Examples from the Corpus
roadsideMr Warren was arrested in Mayfair, London, in May 1990 after a roadside breath test proved positive.Five young people died when Goochs car ploughed into a roadside bench.Parapets gradually grew lower and lower until the trench became little deeper than a roadside ditch.They grow along the roadside and keep their meek little faces white and pure in the midst of the dust..Hundreds of people could be seen walking along the roadside or waiting patiently for the few overcrowded buses.After suffering my attentions at the roadside, Amin had summarily dismissed him.Stopping and searching vehicles at the roadside.A lorry similar to theirs was parked by the roadside and on the site there was feverish activity.
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