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roadwayroad‧way /ˈrəʊdweɪ $ ˈroʊd-/ noun [countable]  TTRthe part of the road used by vehicles
Examples from the Corpus
roadwayThe closest bridge to the Falls, its arch supported a roadway of 840 feet, only 150 feet above the river.His blood splattered on the hard-baked roadway in front of him.The current proposal has tens of millions of dollars in roadway projects included as part of the package.The crowd was crammed shoulder to shoulder and back to front on the shrinking piece of roadway.Alice heard Laura scream, then the slamming of the front door, followed by a second scream from the roadway.You'd take in an incapable because if he fell in the roadway, he might get run over.The floodwater, carrying branches and driftwood, was over the roadway on the curved iron bridge.
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