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roadworksroad‧works /ˈrəʊdwɜːks $ ˈroʊdwɜːrks/ noun [plural] British English  TTRrepairs that are being done to a road There were roadworks on the motorway.
Examples from the Corpus
roadworksAll roadworks in peak-traffic hours should be prohibited.A combination of rain, half-term and roadworks.It happened on a contra-flow system where there are roadworks.He likes them so much he even looks forward to being stuck at roadworks.I was driving in London recently and was sent crazy by roadworks and closed bridges at almost every turn.This section of the project was undertaken in advance of the lain roadworks contract.But work has already started on roadworks to create a mini-roundabout and piazza at the mid-section of Victoria Road.Another car drove off but ran into a ditch at the roadworks and another young man was arrested.
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